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Ruggero Maria Santilli
The Institute for Basic Research
P. O. Box 1577, Palm Harbor, FL 34682, U.S.A.

2005, ISBN 1-57485-062-8, 203 pages, US $ 120

About the Book
One of the biggest contemporary environmental problems is not given by fossil fuels per se, but by the fact that their conventional molecular structure via valence bonds is too strong to allow full combustion, thus producing atmospheric pollutants in the exhaust such as hydrocarbons (HC) and other pollutants. Following research initiated in the early 1980s at Harvard University under support from the U. S. Department of Energy, the Italian-American physicist Ruggero Maria Santilli has conceived, theoretically treated, experimentally verified and industrially produced new fuels with a new bond, not given by conventional valence, but by magnetic and other polarizations that are stable at ordinary temperatures, but disappear at the combustion temperature, thus allowing complete combustion without the release of atmospheric pollutants in the exhaust. The new chemical species is today called Santilli magnecules (to differentiate them from the ordinary molecules), and the new fuels are called fuels with magnecular structure. In a language understandable to the general audience, this book presents the conceptual foundations of the new chemical species of Santilli magnecules, outlines some of the rather vast experimental verifications, and presents three different new fuels with magnecular structure currently in industrial pproduction and sale under the trades names of MagnegasTM, HHOTM and MagneHydrogenTM.

About the author
Prof. Ruggero Maria Santilli was born in Italy where he achieved the highest education in mathematics, physics and chemistry and obtained a chair in nuclear physics at the Avogadro Institute at a very young age. In 1967 he received an invitation from the University of Miami to conduct research under NASA funds and moved with his family to Florida. He then thaught physics courses at Boston University from the prep courses to Ph.D. and post Ph. D .courses, and became a U. S. citizen. Subsequently, he joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, then the Department of Mathematics at Harvard University, and finally assumed the position of President of the Institute for Basic Research, a position that holds to this day. Prof. Santilli's scientific production has been very rich and diversified. He is today known as one of the few scientists in history who made fundamental discoveries in mathematics (new numbers, new algebras, new geometries, etc.), physics (new mechanics, new relativities, new cosmologies, etc.) and chemistry (new species, new energies, new fuels, etc.). For these discoveries Prof. Santilli has received several honors from countries around the world. For details one may inspect his curriculum at http://www.i-b-r.org/Ruggero-Maria-Santilli.htm


A A. Nassikas
Reviewed and Edited by M. C. Duffy and C. K. Whitney

Nov. 2008, ISBN 1-57485-061-X 190 pages, US $ 59

This book exposes a parallel between the situation that is known to exist in mathematics and a similar situation that must exist in physical theory. Just as Gšdel argued that there exists a limitation on the provability of statements in mathematics, Nassikas argues that there exists a limitation on the consistency of statements in physics. The best one can do is to achieve a non-zero minimum of contradictions. That is because the description of physics involves not only Aristotelian logic, a perfect system closed unto itself, but also human language, an extraneous and always imperfect extra element. The resulting burden of contradiction means there is always some uncertainty left to us. That way of thinking about physics gives some rationale to the mysterious uncertainty apparently forced upon us by twentieth century quantum mechanics. It also sheds light on more recent related concerns, such as the Nature-like complexity emergent from the mathematics of fractal geometry. And there are many technology related questions too, which can be illuminated in a different way by the line of thought developed in this monograph.



Honoring the 70-th birthday of Prof. R. M. Santilli, the originator of hadronic mechanics

University of Karlstad, Sweden
June 20-22, 2005

Edited by

Valeri Dvoeglazov, Tepper L. Gill, Peter Rowland, Erik Trell, and Horst E. Wilhelm

International Academic Publishers
December 2006, ISBN 1-57485-059-28
2 Volumes, pp. 1090, Softcover $ 75 each volume


Trell, E.

Dvoeglazov, V. Gill, T, Rowland, P., Trell, E., and Wilhelm, H. E.
A brief history of Prof. R. M. Santilli¹s contributions to the birth, development, verifications, and industrial applications of hadronic mechanics


Adhikari, Avishek
Some Recent Applications of Combinatorial Designs in Visual Cryptography, 1

Adhikari, M.R. and Mitra, Shibopriya
On Group Actions And Their Applications, 19

Animalu, A.O.E.
On The Differences Between Conventional and Hadronic High-Tc Superconductivity, 43

Animalu, A.O.E. and Gill, Tepper L.
Visual Image of Cooper Pairing in Superconductors, 67

Aslaner, R.
IsoruledIsosurfaces in Santilli¹s Isospaces, 79

Bayoumi, Aboubakr
Schwarz Lemma for Locally Bounded Spaces, 93

Bercu, C.
Pseudo-Riemannian Structures with the Same Connection, 101

De, S.S.
Microscopic Space-Time of Extended Hadrons : Quantum Generalization and Field Equations, 121

Dunning-Davies, Jeremy
Twentieth Century Physics: Promised Much, Delivered....?,147

Fanchi, J.R.
Systematic Bias in the Analysis of Neutrino Oscillation Experiments, 165

Ganfornina, Raul M. Falcon and Valdez, Juan Nunez
A Particular Case of Extended Isotopisms:Santilli¹s Isotopisms, 177

Gill, T. and Zachary W.W.
The Linear Theory of S * - Algebra and Their Applications, 190

Goncharov, Sergey I.
On Fundamental Open Problems in the Physics of The 21-ST Century, 221

Gutierrez-Rodriguez, A. 1a, Hernandez-Ruiz, M.A. and Ramirez-Sanchez, F.
Measurements on the Neutron Lifetime in a Left-Right Symmetric Model, 239

Huang, G.
Experiments and Observations on the Variable Speed of Light in Santilli¹s Isorelativity, 251

Ivanov, Michael
Gravitons as Super-strong Interacting Particles and Low-Energy Quantum Gravity, 263

Jefimenko, O. D.
Generalized Theory Of Gravitation (Newton©–s Theory Of Gravitation Developed To Its Logical And Mathematical Conclusion), 305

Jiang, Chun-Xuan
The Prime Principle in Clusters and Nanostructures, 339

Johansen, Stein E.
Initiationof ³Hadronic Philosophy² The Philosophy Underlying Hadronic Mechanics and Chemistry, 349

Kruglov, S. I.
Quantization of Fermionic Fields with Two Mas States in the First Order Formalism, 375

Lindsay, V. J. and Noyes, H. P.
Evidence of a Cosmological Phase Tansition on the TeV Scale, 385

Lohmus, Jaak
Introduction To Nonassociativity, 421

Miron, R.
On the Notions of Lagrangian, Fislerian, Hamiltonian and Cartanian Mechanical System, 445

Miron, R. and Niminet, V.
Lagrangian Nonholonomic Mechanical Systems and the Associated Dynamical Systems, 453

Molaei M.R.
Dynamical and Geometrical Structures Based on Santilli¹s Isotheory... 471

Ni, J.-j.
Zero-Point Energy of Vacuum Fluctuation as a Candidate for Dark Energy Versus a New Conjecture of Antigravity Based on the Modified Einstein Field Equation in General Relativity, 497

Nishioka, Michio
A Solution-like Solution Of Massless F 4 Theory Of 4-Dimensional Space Time, 509

Oprea, T.
Generalizations of Chen¹s Inequality, 513

Oziewicz, Z.
Categorical Relativity: Coordinate Transformations, 525

Pardy, Miroslav
The Pulse Propagation In The String With Massive Ends, 545

Quartieri, Giuseppe and Mileto, Graziano
BEVALAC¹S Energy Ion Collisions Coherent Isodileptions (e+e-) Results Fitted By Using QED and Hadronic Mechanics, 561

Rowlands, Peter
A Relativistic Quantum Model for the Hadronic State, 587

Saleem, M.
New Basis for the Standard Model for Electroweak Interactions, 611

Santilli, R. M.
Inconsistencies of Neutrino and Quark Conjectures and their Negative Environmental Implications, 619

Shalyt-Margolin, Alex E.
The Quantum And Statistical Theory Of Early Universe And Its Possible Applications To Cosmology, 653

Sidhart, B. G.
The Problem of Gravitation, 725

Sourlas, D.S.
Unification And Classification Of Lie-Santilli Algebras, 737

Srivastava, H.M.
Certain Classes Of Multivariable Biorthogonal Polynomials and Associated Families of Generating-Function Relationships, 793

Trell, E.
Nilpotent Vacuum Morphogenesis Of Space And Matter In Faithful Lie Algebra SO(3)xO(5) Realization Of Santilli Iso-, Geno- And Hypermathematics, 819

Wene, G.P.
Some Open Questions in Finite Semifields, 861

Generalized Fermion Quantum field theory and a fundamental understanding of the ³maximal parity-violating² effect, 873

Wilhelm, H.E.
Field theory of extended †-particles, 901


Anastasiei, M.
Mechanical Systems on Lie Algebroids, 929

Shi, Zhi-Quian and Ni, Guan-Jiong
The Lifetime Asymmetry of Polarized Fermions in Flight, 941

Raul Perez-Enriquez, Jose Luis Marin and Raul Rivera
Comparison Between the Exact Three-Body Santilli-Shillady Approach to the H2 Molecule and the Standard Ground State Energy Curve, 959

Kalongama, J. Masudi
Etude sul les Syme~tries de Santilli de Rotation et de Lorentz, 969

Udriste, C.
Tools of Geometric Dynamics, 1001

Kadeisvili, J. V.
Direct Universality of Santilli's isoaction principle for higher orders Lagranfian systems, 1042

Santilli, R. M.
The birth in 1978 of hadronic mechanics: the impossibility for quantum mechanics to represent the synthesis of the neutron and its recent experimental confirmation, 1065

Curriculum of Prof. R. M. Santilli


From Quarks to Bulk Matter
Physics of the Causal Thermal Phenomena

Dec. 2001, ISBN 1-57485-054-7, pp. 160
hardcover US$69, softcover US$59

About the Book This book presents the comprehensive exposition of causal thermal processes at the quark, nuclear, atomic and macroscopic level. The response of the chunk of matter (atom, nuclear, nanoparticle) is governed by the relaxation time. In this book, starting with the general definition of the relaxation time (which depends on coupling constants for electromagnetic, strong or gravitation interactions), the universal hyperbolic classical and quantum transport equation is formulated and solved. The theoretical framework of the hyperbolic transport equation is applied to the study of the transfer of the thermal energy on the nanoscale (molecules and nanoparticles) as well as at subnucleon (quark) and cosmological levels (Planck Era). The book thus provides the first comprehensive technical presentation of an approach which brings clarity to a subject of causal thermal processes. The book will therefore appeal to all scientists (physicists, chemists as well as to engineers) with an interest in the foundations of their subject.

Recent Advances in Relativity Theory

Selected Papers

From the Biennial Conferences on Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory.
The conferences were sponsored by the British Society for the Philosophy of Science and held at the Imperial college, London
Volume One: Formal Interpretations
Edited by M.C. DUFFY and M. WEGENER
2000, ISBN 1-57485-047-4, 285 pages, hardcover US$85
Volume Two: Material Interpretations
Edited by M. C. DUFFY, Computing, Engineering and Technology,
University of Sunderland, England, and
M. WEGENER, Aarhus University, Denmark
2001, ISBN 1-57485-050-4, 346 pages, hardcover US$89

Relativity permeates 20th Century physical science in the same way that Darwinian Evolution permeates the life sciences. Because of this it has attracted the attention of scholars from scientific and analytical disciplines other than physics, and is of concern to philosophers of science, historians of ideas, and engineers, as well. Not above criticism, and not final, relativity continues to stimulate fruitful discussion about the basic problems of physical science. Like all creative paradigms, it evolves in order to accommodate new discoveries. This process often gives rise to controversy as regards the best way to interpret, symbolise and conceptualize relativity theory and its formal structure, and the extent to which relativity is compatible with paradigms in major branches of physical science like cosmology and quantum theory. The present selection of papers, planned to comprise two volumes, reflects this. Whereas the first volume contains papers that show how relativity stimulates a range of academic disciplines, and that review the relativity-related issues which are debated within these inter-linked areas of scholarship, the second volume concentrates more on physical interpretations, analogues, and models of matter and the relativistic world ether. Above all, both volumes celebrate a century of relativity which has done so much to deepen insight into the nature of things.

Dilepton Production by Hadrons

FAZAL-E-ALEEM (Univ. of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan, and IRB, Monteroduni,
Italy), MUHAMMAD ALI (Univ. of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan), HARIS RASHID
(Univ. of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan), and MOHAMMAD SALEEM (IRB.
Monteroduni, Italy, and Florida USA)

Jan. 1997, ISBN 1-57485-010-5, 165 pages, $60

During the past decade many new ideas in the understanding of subatomic particles have emerged as a result of lepton pair production. Measurements of dilepton production serve as a strong test of quantum chromodynamics. This monograph gives a comprehensive account of recent experimental measurements and theoretical developments in this important area of high energy physics, namely, dilepron production by hadrons. The monograph is particularly useful for post-graduate students and researchers in high energy physics.

New Frontiers in Physics, Vol. I

Edited by T. Gill (Howard Univ., Washington, D.C.. USA and
IRB, Monteroduni, Italy and Palm Harbor, USA)

Proceedings of the International Workshop held at the IRB,
Castle Prince Pignatelli, Monteroduni (IS), Italy, August 1995

Jan. 1996, ISBN 1-57485-002-4. 300 pages, $ 70


PART I: HISTORY OF PHYSICS, contains advances on the history of: the ether; the special relativity; and the role of Henri Poincare’;.

PART II: ELECTRODYNAMICS contains advances in: solitons; Weber's electrodynamics: propagation within physical media; and related fields.

PART III: EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS contains advances in: the electromagnetic structure of the neutron; underwater neutrino telescope; ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions; and related fields.

All articles are original and refereed.

New Frontiers in Physics, Vol. II

Edited by T. GlLL (Howard Univ., Washington, D.C., USA and
IRB, Monteroduni, Italy and Palm Harbor, USA)

Proceedings of the International Workshop held at the IRB,
Castle Prince Pignatelli, Monteroduni, Italy, August 1995

Jan. 1996, ISBN 1-57485-014-8. 310 pages, $ 70

This collection of original and refereed articles presents advances in the following fields.

PART I: FOUNDATlONS OF PHYSICS contains articles on: turbulence; Bogoliubov group variables; Yang-Mills theories; discrete time theories; and related fields.

PART II: QUANTUM GROUPS contains advances in quantization; correlation: squeezed states: and related fields.

PART III: DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS contains advances in quantum intuition; generalized least action principle; quantum inverse problem; integrable systems; systems with random evolution; cohomological systems; and related fields.


New Frontiers in Relativities

Edited by T. GILL (Howard Univ.. Washington, D.C., USA and
IRB, Monteroduni, Italy and Palm Harbor, USA)

Proceedings of the International Workshop held at the IRB,
Castle Prince Pignatelli, Monteroduni, Italy, August 1995

Jan. 1996, ISBN 1-57485-015-6 450 pages, $ 8O

This collection of original and refereed articles contains contributions on and beyond current relativities for the new physics of the next millennium.

PART I: SPECIAL RELATIVITY AND BEYOND contains advances in: proper time formulations; transformations among comoving frames; Lie-Santilli theory of proper time many-particle systems; special relativity for non-inertial systems; Santilli's isospecial relativity for nonlinear, nonlocal and noncanonical interior dynamical systems.

PART II: GENERAL RELATIVITY AND BEYOND contains advances in: Minkowskian formulation of gravitation: isominkowskian formulation of gravitation; verticity; twistor spaces; conformal formulations: quantum gravity; isotopic unification of gravitation and relativistic quantum mechanics; Kerr geometries; and related fields.

PART III: ASTROPHYSICS AND COSMOLOGY contains advances in: dark matter; laboratory simulation of astrophysical plasmas; isocosmology with equal amounts of matter and antimatter and null total physical quantities; steady-state cosmology; factor-space cosmology; dimensional evolution of time; and related field.


New Frontiers in Hadronic Mechanics

Edited by T. GILL (Howard Univ., Washington, D.C., USA and
IRB, Monteroduni, ltaly and Palm Harbor, USA)

Proceedings of the International Workshop held at the IRB,
Castle Prince Pignatelli, Monteroduni, Italy, August 1995

Jan. 1996, ISBN 1-57485-016-4. 420 pages, $ 80

This collection of original and refereed articles contains the most recent advances on the nonlinear, nonlocal and nonhamiltonian lifting of quantum mechanics, known as "hadronic mechanics", for the treatment of elementary particles in their most general possible interior conditions.

PART I: FOUNDATIONS OF HADRONIC MECHANICS contains contributions in: symplectic isoquantization; outline of hadronic mechanics: problematic aspects of other formulations; structural equivalence of the pi- meson and the Cooper pair; isominkowskian geometry of hadronic media and its additional experimental verifications; and related topics.

PART II: HADRONIC ENERGY AND TECHNOLOGY contains: outline of the new energy and technology; its ongoing experimental verifications; first studies on the means for producing the gammas with the needed excitation frequency; and related topics.

PART III: THE NEW PHYSICS OF ANTIMATTER contains advances in: antihydrogen production and antimatter gravity: the new isodual representation of antimatter in classical and quantum mechanics: and related fields.

PART IV: ISOQUARK THEORY contains advances in: octonionic formulation of the Dirac equations for quark theories; isoquark theory with exact confinement and convergent perturbative expansions; and related topics.

PART V: ISOTOPIES OF SUPERCONDUCTIVITY contains: an outline of the journey so far of the new discipline; nonlinear-nonlocal re-interpretation of the BCS model; applications to cuprates and gold diffusion in crystals; and related fields.


New Frontiers in Gravitation

Edited by G. A. SARDANASHVILY (Moscow State Univ., Russia,
and IRB, Monteroduni, Italy)

A collection of original and refereed articles

Jan. 1996,ISBN 0-911767-96-7. 360 page$ $ 75

This original, edited and refereed collection of articles deals with some of the most advanced topics in gravitation including: use of jet bundles; theoretical and experimental contributions on the gravity of antiparticles: novel quantization of gravity without the Hamiltonian; isodual geometries for antimatter with negative units; novel cosmologies with equal distributions of matter and antimatter; and others. This collection is indispensable to scholars in the most advanced studies in gravitation.

The Early Universe

Edited bv V. B. JOHRI (Indian Inst. of technology, Madras)

A collection of original and refered articles

1996, ISBN 1-57485-011-3, 207 pages, $ 60

Cosmology has developed into a frontier area of research. The purpose of this collection of original and refereed articles is to present the latest developments in the current cosmological research in theory, observation and experimental probes. The collection includes studies on:


  • Cosmic background and anisotropy;
  • Studies via gravitational lensing;
  • Implication of dark matter for the early universe;
  • Gravitational collapse;
  • Status and flight plans of the gravity probe B;
  • Quasi steady- state cosmology;
  • Singularities;
  • Current trends in inflation; torsion; baryogenesis; and related topics.

The collection of exciting contributions belongs to all libraries in astrophysics, gravitation, cosmology and science at large.


The Physics of Tachyons

E. L. WALL (IRB, Monteroduni, Italy and Palm Harbor, USA)

1995, ISBN 1-57485-001-6, 241 pages, $ 65

This book provides a completely novel tachyonic model of the structure of hadrons and other particles. While the existence of tachyons has been debated for many years, the agreement with experiment that this model produces for a large number of known particles provides evidence that tachyons do, in fact, exist. The model described in this monograph is a unified particle model that describes electrons, muons, protons, neutrons, mesons, and light nuclei. After studying this book, the reader will have an excellent understanding of the characteristics of these particles. This book is written not only for practicing scientists and engineers but also for undergraduate and graduate students in the physical sciences. Some historical commentary in the early tachyon theory is provided along with a comparison of this model with existing particle modes. The identification of conventional tachyons as isotardions within physical media is also studied. Many references to the published particle literature are provided so that the reader can compare his calculated results with original, published experimental data.

Advances in Fundamental Physics

Edited by M. BARONE (Democritus Inst., Athens, Greece) and F.
SELLERI (Univ. of Bari, Italy)

Proceedings of the International Conference held in Olympia,
Greece, in September 1993.

1995, ISBN 0-911767-72-X, 420 pages, $ 85

This is an innovative collection of original, refereed and edited contributions in various interconnected fields. In astrophysics, the volume identifies the state of the art in redshifts and blueshifts of quasars when physically connected to the associated galaxies, and reviews existing interpretations (Arp's theory of creation of matter, Santilli's isominkowskian representation due to the decrease of the speed of light within the quasar chromospheres, Marmet's scattering theory and others). In local realism the collection presents the state of the art in the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen argument, with a specific operator realization of hidden variables. In strong interactions the collection includes a comprehensive review of the hadronic generalization of quantum mechanics. In geophysics the volume presents the latest measurements indicating an apparent growth of Earth, and related theoretical explanations. This interdisciplinary volume is a must-read for all scholars in science.

Proceedings of the International Workshop and Conference on Quark Matter and Heavy Ion Collisions

Edited by A. W. KHAN (Gomal Univ., Pakistan, and IRB, Monteroduni,
Italy) and M. SALEEM (Univ. of the Punjab, Pakistan, and IRB,
Monteroduni, Italy)

Workshop held at Gomal University in January 1992.

1995, ISBN 0-911767-66-5, 203 pages, $ 65.

The International Conference is known for a number of theoretical and experimental advances in quark theories, includlng:


  • The isotopies of quarks with exact confinement and convergent perturbative expansions;
  • Quark inreractions in the 500 GeV range;
  • Quark-hadron phase transitions;
  • Inclusive hadron production;
  • Experimental results in the OPAL and EMU0l collaborations; and other aspects.

This collection is important for all scholars in quark theories.


Group Theoretical Methods in Physics

Edited by S. S. MOSKALIUK (Ukraine Acad. of Sciences, Kiev)

Proceedings of the Eleventh International Hutsulian Workshop,
Rakhiv, Ukraine, October 1992

1995, ISBN 0-911767-74-6, 300 pages, $ 80

This Conference was dedicated to the 150th birthday of Sophus Lie. This volume contains original and edited contributions in the applications of Lie methods in quantum mechanics, quantum field theory and elementary particle physics. The volume is important for mathematicians and physicists as well.

Strong Interactions at Long Distances

Edited by L. JENKOVSZKY (Ukraine Academy of Sciences, Kiev)

Proceedings of the International Workshop "Hadron 1994" held
in Uzhgorod, Ukraine, in September 1994

1995, ISBN 0-911767-97-5, 451 pages, $80

The International Workshop brought together a number of leading experts in hadron physics from Eastern and Western Countries. This is a collection of original, edited and refereed articles dealing with new experimental results from HERA, phenomenological models, theoretical problems of relativistic quantum field theory, pomeron and diffraction, elastic and diffractive scattering, spin physics, and other topics. This scholarly collection is recommended to all research libraries in physics.

Isotopic Generalizations of Galilei's and Einstein's Relativities

R. M. SANTILLI (Inst. Basic Research, Florida, USA)

Vol. I: Mathematical Foundations, 212 pages
Yol. II: Classical Isotopies 312 pages

1991, ISBN 0-911767-55-X, $ 100 set

In these two volumes the author identifies first the isotopic generalization of numbers, fields, vector spaces, algebras, groups, geometries, functional analysis, etc. Subsequently, the generalized mathematical tools are applied to the treatment of nonlinear, nonlocal and nonhamiltonian systems of the so- called classical interior dynamical problem, such as a missile in our atmosphere. The monographs then present a step-by- step generalization of Galilei's, Einstein's special and Einstein's general relativities for interior problems which admit the conventional relativities as particular cases when motion returns to be in vacuum. The generalized methods, called isotopies, preserve the original axioms, thus permitting a remarkable unity of physical and mathematical thought for the treatment of exterior and interior problems. These monographs are a best seller and are acquiring historical character in this new frontier of knowledge.

Santilli's Lie-Isotopic Generalization of Galilei's and Einstein's Relativities

A. K. ARINGAZIN (Karaganda State Univ. Kazakhstan), A. JANNUSSIS (Univ.
of Patras, Greece), D. F. LOPEZ (Univ of Campinas, Brasil), M. NISHIOKA
(Yamaguchi Univ.Japan), and B. VELJANOSKI (Sophia Univ., Macedonia)

Published by Kostarakis, Athens, Greece. Distributed by Hadronic Press

1991, ISBN 0-911767-56-8, 400 pages, $ 70

This volume provides the most comprehensive independent review available at this moment of the classical and operator, isotopic methods for the treatment of interior, nonlocal- integral and noncanonical problems. In particular, the volume treats the isotopies in Newtonian, relativistic. Riemannian and gauge theories. This is an important title for all libraries.

Ampere-Neumann Electrodynamics of Metals

P. GRANEAU (M.I.T., Cambridge, USA)

Second Edition 1993, ISBN 0-911767-75-4, 330 pages, $ 80

In the first edition of 1985, the author showed that Ampere-Neumann electrodynamics is the only theory capable of interpreting conventional systems (such as an electric motor) and anomalous events (such as electric arc explosions), the origin of thunder, capillary (non-thermonuclear) fusion, and others. In this second edition the author expands the studies in both their basic formulation and applications. As stated in the Preface: "The continued demand for this book is gratifying. It does not imply that the majority of physicists are abandoning relativistic field theories, but rather that the Ampere-Neumann electrodynamics is slowly and securely gaining grounds". This book is highly recommended to physicists and engineers in both theoretical and experimental electrodynamics.

Fundamental Questions in Quantum Physics and Relativity

Edited by F. SELLERI (Univ. of Bari, Italy)

A collection of original and refereed articles

1993, ISBN 0-911767-63-0, 180 pages, $ 60

This book contains a collection of original papers devoted to the foundations of quantum physics and special relativity, with particular reference to local realism. Bell's theorem, causal space-time description of atomic and subatomic processes (the latter possibility being viable in spite of Bohr's complementary interdiction). The problem of the compatibility of Michelson-type experiments with the existence of ether is discussed in the final papers. Novel insights and refreshing up- to-date developments make this volume recommendable to all physicists.

Uranium (VI) Oxygen Chemistry; Uranyl Hydroxo Complexes, Uranates, Oxides

V. BARAN (Nuclear Res. Inst., Czech Republic)

1993, ISBN 0-911767-62-2, 150 pages, $ 60

This monograph begins with a complete search of the literature and contains new findings from the history of uranyl ions. The relation between hydrolytic complexes in solutions and in the solid state is formulated together with a discussion on the properties of the uranyl oxo-hydroxo minerals. As a whole, this monograph is an important enrichment of knowledge on the structure of the hydroxo compounds of hexavalent uranium. Its reading is recommended to chemists, chemical physicists and experimental physicists with interest in both the chemistry and the structure of U (VI)-compounds as well as the research methods and structure of hydroxo compounds in general.

Lie-Admissible Approach to the Hadronic Structure

R. M. SANTILLI (Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA)

Vol. I: Non Applicability of the Galilei ond Einstein Relativities ?
1978, ISBN 0-911767-03-7, 530 pages, $ 50

Vol. II: Covering of the Galilei and Einstein Relativities ?
1982 ISBN 0-911767-04-5, 680 pages, $ 50

Vol. III: Identification of the Hadronic Constituents with
Physical Particles ? in preparation.

Hertzian Relativistic Electrodynamics and its Associated Mechanics

C. I. MOCANU (Polytechn. Institute, Bucharest, Romania)

1991, two vol.s ISBN 0-911767-50-9, 680 pages, $ 100 set

Projective Relativity, Cosmology and Gravitation

G. ARCIDIACONO (Perugia Univ., Italy)

1986, ISBN 0-911767-39-8, 265 pages, $ 60

Development in the Quark Theory of Hadrons,1964-1978

Edited by D. B. LICHTENBERG (Indiana Univ., Bloomington) and
S. P. ROSEN (Purdue Univ., Lafayette, IN)

A collection of original historical contributions

1978 ISBN 0-911767-02-9, 508 pages, $ 50

Proceedings of the UNAM Workshop on Gauge Theories

Edited by S. HOJMAN et al.

1980, 182 pages, $ 30.

Irreversibility and Nonpotentiality in Statistical Mechanics

Edited by A. SHOEBER (I. B. R., Cambridge, MA)

1984, ISBN 0-911767-23-1, 330 pages, $ 50

Applications of Lie-Admissible Algebras in Physics

Vol. I Edited by H. C. MYUNG (Univ. of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls), S.
OKUBO (Rochester Univ., New York) and R. M. SANTILLI (Harvard Univ.,
Cambridge, MA)

1978, ISBN 0-911767-03-7. 400 pages, $ 50

Vol. II Edited by H. C. MYUNG (Univ. of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls), S.
OKUBO (Rochester Univ., New York) and R. M. SANTILLI (Harvard Univ.,
Cambridge, MA)

1978, ISBN 0-911767-04-5, 595 pages, $ 50
Vol. III Edited by R. M. Santilli (IBR Cambridge, USA)

1984 ISBN 0-911767-08-8, 400 pages, $50

Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Lie-
Admissible Formulations

Edited by R. M. SANTILLI (Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA)
1980, Parts A and B, 1,490 pages, $ 120 set

Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Lie-Admissible Formulations

Edited by R. M. SANTILLI (Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA)

1981, Parts A, B, C, 1,440 pages, $ 150 set

Proceedings of The First International Conference
on Nonpotential Interactions and their Lie-Admissible Treatment

Edited by J. FRONTEAU and A. TELLEZ-ARENAS (Univ.
d'Orléans, France)

1982, Parts A, B, C, D, 1,963 pages, $ 240 set

Proceedings of the First Workshop on Hadronic Mechanics

Edited by R M. SANTILLI (I.B.R., Cambridge, MA)

1983, 473 pages, $ 50

Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Hodronic Mechanics

Edited by R. M. SANTILLI (I. B. R., Cambridge, MA)

1984, Vol.s I and II, 802 pages, $ 100 set

Selected Papers of Italian Physicists: Piero, Caldirola

Edited by E. RECAMI (Catania Univ., Italy), R. MIGNANI (Rome Univ.,
Italy) and R. M. SANTILLI (I.B.R., Cambridge, MA)

1986, two vol.s, ISBN 0-911767-31-2, 755 pages, $ 100 set

Some Perspectives on Fundamental Nuclear and High Energy Research

A Collection of papers dedicated to L. Federici

Edited by M. CONVERSI, R. SANTONICO and C. SCHAERF (Rome Univ., Italy)

1983, ISBN 0-911767-10-X, 350 pages, $ 40


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Elements of Hadronic Mechanics

R. M. SANTILLI (Institute for Basic Research, USA)

Vol. I: Mathematical Foundations
Second edition 1995, ISBN 0-911767-68-1, 498 pages, $ 90
(hard bound $ 129)

Vol. II: Theoretical Foundations
Second Edition 1995, ISBN 0-911767-69-X, 563 pages, $ 90
(hard bound $ 129)

Vol. III: Applications and Experimental Verifications, in preparation

These are the first books written on the Hadronic Mechanics which is an axiom-preserving generalization of quantum mechanics for the study of strong interactions with nonlinear, nonlocal, and nonpotential contributions due to the overlapping of wavepackets and charge distributions of hadrons. After being proposed by Santilli at Harvard University in 1978 under D.O.E. support, the new mechanics has been developed by numerous scholars, discussed at eleven international meetings and studied in numerous papers in various journals. The new mechanics is based on a generalization of the mathematical structure of quantum mechanics, called of isotopic type (in the sense of being axiom-preserving). All basic quantum mechanical laws are then reformulated in an isotopic form admitting of nonlinear- nonlocal-nonpotential interactions in an axiomatic form which is invariant under time evolution. The unrestricted functional character of the isotopies renders the new mechanics "directly universal" for all interactions considered.

VOLUME I contains the nonlinear-nonlocal-nonpo- tential isotopies of numbers, fields, spaces, algebras, groups, symmetries, geometries and functional analysis.

VOLUME II presents a step-by-step isotopic generalization of quantum mechanical physical laws, Heisenberg's and Schröedinger's representations, Galilei's and Einstein's relativities, including the isotopies of perturbation theory with convergent expansions, and of the scattering theory for inelastic collisions with nonlocal-nonhamiltonian internal effects due to mutual penetrations.

VOLUME III presents comprehensive applications and experimental verification in nuclear physics, particle physics, statistical physics, superconductivity and other fields such as theoretical biology and conchology. These books are a must-read for all scientists.


"Santilli's studies are truly epoch making"
H. P. LEIPHOLZ (Univ. Of Waterloo, Canada)

"The three books on hadronic mechanics are the most authoritative for a
study of The Lie-isotopic and Lie-admissible generalizations of Lie's
theory and its many applications"

A U. KLIMYK (Ukraine Acad. of Sciences, Kiev)

"These volumes represent the most important contribution to physics in
the last fifty years"

T. L. GILL (Howard Univ., Washington. D.C.).


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Deuteron l991

Proceedings of the International Workshop held at the
J. I. N. R., Dubna, June 1991
Edited by B. KUHEN (J. I. N. R., Dubna, Russia)

Published by the JINR, Dubna, Russia

1993, ISBN 0-911767-57-6, 319 pages, $ 45

The workshop series <Deuteron> at the JINR in Dubna Russia is one of the most authoritative in the field and so are their proceedings. This is a collection of refereed, original articles in the structure and phenomenology of the deuteron as well as of few-body nuclei. The collection includes reports on: joint Dubna-Saclay experiment on polarized beams and targets; deuteron structure from QCD at small distances; Gottfried sum rule and nuclear structure corrections; deuteron as a six quarks structure; quark cluster approach to deuteron structure; non-nucleon effects; deuteron disintegration; vector polarization transfer measurements; high luminosity, polarization transfer measurements; and numerous others. The collection is recommended to all theoreticians and experimentalists in few-body nuclear structures.

Deuteron l993

Proceedings of the International Workshop held at the JINR,
Dubna, Russia, September 1993

Edited by V. K. LUKIANOV (JINR, Dubna, Russia)

1994, ISBN 1-57485-003-2, 395 pages, $ 50

This second volume of proceedings contains seminal contributions in the field.

The theoretical contributions include studies on:


  • The first exact representation of the deuteron magnetic model in scientific record;
  • Oscillations in tensor spin structure functions;
  • Electrodisintegration;
  • Novel studies of the deuteron via dispersion relations;
  • Narrow coherent effects;
  • Critical delay in cooling of gluon gas; and others.

The experimental contributions include:


  • status of the Nuclotron and Saturn;
  • correlation in inclusive deuteron breakups;
  • Measurements in polarization transfer; and related topics.


Symmetry Methods in Physics, Vols. I and II

Proceedings of the International Workshop held at the JINR,
Dubna, Russia, September 1993

Edited by A. N. Sissakian, G. S. POGOSYAN (JINR, Dubna, Russia,
and IRB, Monteroduni, Italy and Palm Harbor, USA), and S. I.
VINITSKY (JINR, Dubna, Russia)

1995, ISBN 1-57485-006-7, 602 pages, hard cover $ 80

Dedicated to the late Prof. Smorodinsky, this is one of the most authoritative collections in symmetry methods in physics. It includes 91 original, refereed and edited articles on virtually all aspects in the field including:


  • Conventional classical and quantum Lie symmetries;
  • their generalizations via delormations, quantum groups and Santilli's isotopies for nonlocal integral formulations;
  • and applications to a variety of topics in nuclear physics, particle physics, astrophysics and other fields.

This is an important title for all science libraries.


Heavy Ion Physics

Edited by B. I. PUSTYLNICK (Joint Institute for Nuclear
Research, Dubna Russia)

1993, ISBN 0-911767-67-3, 420 pages, $ 70

This collection of over two hundred contributions presents the scientific activities of the FLEROV LABORATORY OF NUCLEAR REACTIONS, JINR, one of the major research facilities of the former USSR. The contributions are grouped by field of investigation such as:


  • Properties of heavy elements;
  • Nuclear fission;
  • Exotic nuclei;
  • Decay modes;
  • Collinear laser spectroscopy;
  • Nuclear structure;
  • Nuclear reactions induced by heavy ions;
  • Radiochemical studies;
  • Instrument developments;
  • Accelerator developments; and others.

The collection is recommended to all theoreticians and experimentalists.


Proceedings of the School in Heavy Ion Physics

Edited by Yu. Ts. OGANESSIAN (JINR, Dubna, Russia)

1993 ISBN 0-911767-81-9, two vol.s, 1,045 pp., $ 95 hard cover

This is a collection of seventy-six original, edited and refereed papers presented at the Fifth International School in Heavy Ion Physics.

Volume I includes sections on light exotic nuclei, heavy nuclei, nuclear fission and nuclear spectroscopy.

Volume II includes sections on reaction mechanisms at low energies, radioactive nuclear beam facilities, experimental developments and related topics.

These volumes are of interest to graduate and research libraries.

Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Reactions at Low and Intermediate Energies

Proceed. of the International Conference held at the JINR,
Dubna, September 1992

R. JOLOS (JINR, Dubna) et al editors

1993, ISBN 0-911767-81-9, 400 pages, $ 95

The International Conference on Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Reactions at Low and Intermediate Energies was attended by some of the most qualified experts in the field from various countries. The Proceedings reflect this Minternational and high quality character, with the identification of the state of the art in the field and the presentation of basic advances. This book is highly recommended to all science libraries.

Dynamical Aspects of Nuclear Fission - I

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Dynamical
Aspects of Nuclear Fission, Czechoslovakia, June 1991

Edited by I. KRISTIAK (Inst. of Phys., Bratislava) and B. I.
PUSTYLNIK (JINR, Dubna, Russia)

1992, ISBN 0-911767-58-4, 361 pages, $ 45

This is a collection of original, refereed and edited contributions presenting some of the most advanced developments in nuclear fission, including:


  • Cold, compact and deformed fission
  • Fission modes
  • Post scission dynamics
  • Thermal neutron fission
  • Particle evaporation
  • Statistical treatment of fission
  • Low energy fission dynamics
  • Dissipative treatments in fission
  • Isomeric yields
  • Odd-even effects in neutron induced fission; and many other fields.

This collection is indispensable to all theoretical and experimental nuclear physicists.


Dynamical Aspects of Nuclear Fission - II

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Dynamical
Aspects of Nuclear Fission, Czechoslovakia, June 1993

Edited by I. KRISTIAK (Inst. of Phys., Bratislava) and B. I.
PUSTYLNIK (JINR, Dubna, Russia)

1994, ISBN 0-911767-89-4, 361 pages, $ 45

This collection of original, refereed and edited articles presents new and surprising experimental data on the fission of atomic nuclei as well as extensive developments of different theoretical approaches for the understanding of the dynamical processes before and at the moment when a nucleus undergoes fission. This collection is recommended to all theoretical and experimental nuclear physicists.


Activation Analysis and Environmental

Proceedings of the International Workshop held in Dubna,
Russia, in July 1993.

Dubna, Russia)

1994, ISBN 0-911767-90-8, 520 pages, $ 60

This is a collection of fifty-four original, edited and refereed papers presenting current trends and results in the control of the environment. This collection treats neutron activation analysis as the leading and reliable method of analysis for heavy metals and rare earth elements in a great variety of ecological samples: soil, vegetation, water, air, etc. Special attention is devoted to computer modeling. A significance of this collection is its inter-disciplinary character resulting in the collaboration among scientists of different specialties from many countries. The collection is of great interest to all environmental scientists.


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Quanta, Relativity, Gravitation

Proceedings of the 18-th Workshop on High Energy Physiics and Field Theory, help at the IHEP, Protvino, Russia on June 26-30, 1995

Edited by V. A. PETROV, A. P. SAMOKHIN, and R. N. ROGALIYOV (IHEP, Protvino, Russia)

1997, ISBN 1-57485-023-7, 351 pages, $ 70

The series of international IHEP meetings Problems on High Energy Physics and Field Theory is known for the spirit of advanced inquiries and novel results.
This collection of original and refereed contributions to the 1995 meeting includes:

    PART I: History of quanta and relativity;

    PART 2: Gravitation;

    PART III: Experiments in particle physics;

    PART IV: Theory in particle physics;

    PART V: Quantum field theory.


Problems on High Energy Physics and Field Theory, Vol. I

Proceedings of the International Workshop held at the IHEP
Protvino, Russia, September 1993

Edited by G. L. RCHEULISHVILI (IHEP, Protvino, Russia)

1995, ISBN 1-57485-005-9, 395 pages, $ 30

This is another volume in the series of international IHEP meetings Problems on High Energy Physics and Field Theory at the IHEP in Protvino.
This collection of the 1993 meeting includes original, refereed and edited articles in:


  • Classical field;
  • Quantum effects space-time discontinuity;
  • General properties and new trends in particles and fields;
  • Related mathematical studies; and related topics.

Among advances first published in this volume the following are especially relevant:


  • Logunov's Minkowskian formulation of gravity;
  • Problematic aspects of Einstein's gravitation;
  • The universal Poincare’-Santilli isosymmetry for gravitation and its isominkowskian structures;
  • New insights in integrable systems; and other studies.

The collection is recommended for all libraries in physics and mathematics.


Problems on High Energy Physics and Field Theory, Vol II

Proceedings of the International Workshop held at the IHEP,
Protvino, Russia, July 1994, dedicated to the 140th birth
anniversary of Henry Poincaré

Protvino, Russia)

1994 ISBN 1-57485-004-0, 290 pages, $ 30

This collection of refereed contributions is centered around the works of Henri Poincaré as they related to contemporary physics with special emphasis on new trends in special relativity and the theory of gravitational fields. Among novel contributions first presented at this meeting, we mention the isotopies of quark theories with exact confinement and convergent perturbative series. Historical references and novel interpretations make this a unique collection of interest to the various fields of physics and history of science.


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New Advances in Absolute and Relativistic Space and Time

Edited by H. E. WILHELM (IBR, Monteroduni, Italy), SHUOPING WU (Chinese Institute of Electronics, Beijing, China), and KEXI LIU (Second Academy, CAC, Beijing, China)

1997, ISBN 1-57485-024-5, 305, $ 65

This is a collection of original and refereed articles on crucial problems in electrodynamics, quantum mechanics, nuclear physics, gravitation and cosmology based on relativistic and absolute space and time concepts. The papers address some of the most fundamental questions of our times, such as: Is physics Galilei or Lorentz invariant ? Should space, time and matter be referred to (i) inertial observers, (ii) arbitrary observers, or (iii) the absolute frame of the substratum (ether) ?

Other advanced titles in English from China to be listed in updates.